About cookbooks

Today is international book day. And so we will take a look at some cookbooks. I love cookbooks and I collect them for years.  Some years ago I noticed how beautiful were the cookbooks published by Faidon Press.  What makes a cookbook interesting?  Precision and illustration.  The Faidon publications have both.  I was particularly surprised to see a book written by the Greek author Vefa Alexiadou published by them.  It is a complete reference of Greek cooking in English and I recommend it to those interested in the traditional Greek cuisine.

Today is international book day. And I am wondering about the future of books.  How far in the future books will exist only in digital form?  Technology is changing the way we create references in a very interesting, almost brilliant way. We cannot stop this.  But to many of us knowledge is still directly related to white pages bound together in a book. And our bookcases are a display of our knowledge.

From the same publishers you can find books on art, design, architecture, and travel.

Happy reading!


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