things they make with seafood.

Crab (as you know) is our ethnic food in Maryland.  You will find abundance of crabs during the months without the letter R in their names. Lobster is served all year long in my new neighborhood’s waterfront restaurants, in rolls, salads and of course whole steamed with butter, and usually originating from Main. Michael Mina’s Wit and Wisdom restaurant (at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore)  offers seafood delicacies on their lunch menu. A  couple of dishes I love, are the lobster corn dogs and the crab deviled eggs. Simple clean tastes where the crab is the dominant ingredient.  I love the corn dogs, but I avoid frying at home and I would rather go there and eat them, by the harbor window, watching the tide roll away.  But the crab deviled eggs was a temptation for me to try and make  in my own kitchen.  And so I tried.  I prepared crab deviled eggs for this years Easter lunch.


I mixed fresh crabmeat with a small amount of mayonnaise and an even smaller amount of dijon mustard.  I added salt to taste. I filled the white egg cups and spread  commercial fried onion crisps on top.  That simple.


My humble version

My guests loved them,  but doing the aftermath , I think they should have been  a bit more spicier. Maybe next time I will add a hint of old bay seasoning, and some finely chopped scallions or even tarragon, just for the umfff!


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