tavola bianca

The picture above was the inspiration for the name of this blog. I visited Umbria in July of 2004 right before the Athens Olympic games.  It was a memorable trip especially from the gastronomic point of  .. taste.   Summertime in Umbria means eating alfresco.  The tables outside a restaurant are all covered with linen tablecloths.  This is what makes the difference, This is what this blog is about. Linen tablecloths.

In Sienna at that time they celebrated the Palio Festival.  Horse racing at Piazza del Campo followed by outdoors feasts hosted by the city.  Everybody is joining the feast from all the seventeen  Sienna neighborhoods.  This is what this blog is all about,  getting  together!

Many of the pictures you will see here in the future are taken at home.  I love giving special attention to the table appearance,  particularly when I have guests.  I love seasonal colors and seasonal foods.  And this is what this blog is all about,  attention to the detail.

This is one of my dinning tables.  I set it so that my guests would sit after serving themselves from the buffet.   It was not a formal sit down dinner but still you cannot have your guests running around with a plate full of food.  Two weeks before the party, I visited a local paper store and bought supplies to make the flowers. Each guest took along his flower as a souvenir.  This is what this blog is all about, loving your guests!

This is another dinning table at home.  This was set for an Easter lunch for my young guests.  The linen tablecloth was handmade by my late mother and although I cherish it, I use and enjoy it every spring.   This is what this blog is all about,  sharing with our loved ones.

I love ceramic dinnerware for casual dinning. These are the typical Italian ceramics from Deruta.  This is what this blog is all about. Beautiful things.

Table settings from a Christmas at home.

This a beautiful table at my dear friend Lucia’s home.  The picture was taken  last Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition at Lucia’s  place and every year she outperforms herself  as a cook and a hostess. This is what this blog is all  about.  Cooking!

In Rome sitting around a bistro table enjoying a cup of coffee at the famous St Eustachio cafe’.  Nothing elaborate, just great taste and plans to visit the city. This is what this blog is all about.  Going places .

This is one of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen. It was decorated  by my cousin Denia in Athens Greece.  She made this just for me to welcome me to her home.   I loved the table but more than that I love the reason behind it  and the thought. I love Denia.  This is what this blog is about. Celebrating people.

At a busy touristic street along the Acropolis of Athens, there is a nice place with white wooden tables and chairs. The food is great, but the view is priceless. This is what this blog is about.  A bite with a view.

Another  setting  on our kitchen table,  spring style this time.  Only a different bouquet of flowers is enough to give the table a whole new personality.

I welcome you to my new blog and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do writing in it.



20 Comments Add yours

  1. fevisf says:

    Φίλη καλή αρχή!!!!!!!!!

    1. despinarion says:

      Σε ευχαριστω Ευακι μου!

  2. Multi psi says:

    A wonderful, fresh and exciting idea!! Waiting anxiously to read and learn more…have fun doing it, I definitely will, reading it!!….

    1. despinarion says:

      Thank you sweet Multi psi. For all you said and for following my blogs for so long! I am also excited.

  3. Malami Anna says:

    Καλή αρχή Δεσποινιώ!!!Βλέπεις η διαφορά ώρας μου δίνει το προβάδισμα στο post.

    1. despinarion says:

      Αννα μου ευχαριστω πολυ για τις ευχες. Κι ευχαριστω που εκανες “ποδαρικο” με τις αλλες ξενυχτισσες φιλες.

  4. Penelope says:

    Καλορίζικο! Love it!!!You filled exactly the gap. It has recipes, table decoration and traveling. I think it will be a great success. Keep posting xxx

    1. despinarion says:

      Ευχαριστω καρδουλα! We have been blogging together so many years. When I decided to start writing in English the thought crossed my mind ” Oh I am going global like Penelope “

  5. Penny says:

    Just perfect… smells like Despina…

    1. despinarion says:

      Penny thank you! This one is indeed me.

  6. orfia says:

    Καλοριζικο!!! Η διακοσμηση των τραπεζιων σου δειχνουν μια αρχοντισσα πραγματικη! Μα πανω απο ολα δειχνει εναν ανθρωπο δοτικο,, με αγαπη για τους φιλους,, πραγματικο νοιαξιμο!!! Φιλια πολλα.

    1. despinarion says:

      Ορφια μου, κι εσενα μεσα απο τα μπλογκς σε γνωρισα, και εισαι παντα διπλα μου και ιντερνετικα και οποτε σε χρειαστω! Και ξερεις τι λενε, αγαπαμε οπου μας αγαπανε. Σε ευχαριστω!

  7. Ρούλα says:

    Magnifique! A bite with a view με αύρα Δεσποινάριου!

    1. despinarion says:

      Ευχαριστω Ρουλα. Ειλικρινα σας ευχαριστω ολους που ηρθατε στα εγκαινια.

  8. me (maria) says:

    Καλή αρχή!!!
    Τα τραπέζια σου έχουν πάντα κάτι το ιδιαίτερο!!
    Ακόμα κι αυτά που απλά φωτογραφίζεις…

  9. despinarion says:

    Μαρακι σε ευχαριστω κι εσενα πολυ για τα καλα σου λογια. Ιντερνετικα γνωριζομαστε περιπου δεκα χρονια. Ελπιζω καποια στιγμη να τα πουμε κι απο κοντα.

    1. me (maria) says:

      Κι εγώ το ελπίζω!!

  10. katrine says:

    Μόνο και μόνο ο τρόπος εναρξης, δηλώνει την επιτυχία!! Η μικρή ροτόντα του σπιτιού είναι η αγαπημένη μου, στο έχω ξαναπεί αλλα και όλες οι επιλογές δείχνουν καλό γούστο και αγάπη στην παρείστικη συντροφιά!!Καλορίζικο και γουρλίδικο να είναι Δεσποινάκι!! Και εμείς εδώ, γιατό το μπλογκ αυτό τα έχει όλα.Φιλί καλό μου:)

  11. despinarion says:

    Ευχαριστω Κατερινιω μου. Οταν με επισκεφθεις στην Ουασινγκτωνα θα σου εχω θεση στην ροτοντα!

  12. Δεσποινακι!!!!!!!!
    Τωρα ειδα το τραπεζι μου οταν ηλθες για πρωτη φορα στο σπιτι.Σ ευχαριστω για την αναρτηση και τα ωραια σου λογια.
    Πολλα φιλακια

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